Guitarist & Sound Designer - Programming & Mixing Engineer

At The Beginning It Was Just A Guitar…

As a music producer with over 15 years of experience, I have developed a deep passion for creating high-quality records that showcase my skills in pop, rock, soul/funk, R&B and electronic music. It all started with just a guitar, but my love for music has driven me to master the art of sound production and audio processing. I have a solid knowledge of the techniques necessary to create professional sound products that meet the highest industry standards.

I specialize in producing records for artists and labels, as well as creating soundtracks for theme parks, brands and advertising campaigns. My expertise in audio processing and mixing allows me to produce top-quality tracks that accurately reflect the sound standards of the markets they are intended for.

If you are looking for a music producer or a mixing engineer who is passionate and skilled, and dedicated then look no further. I am confident in my ability to take your music to the next level.




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