Guitarist & Sound Designer - Programming & Mixing Engineer

Analog Man in a Digital World

On the guitar over 20 years of experience on Italian and European music stages.

In the past 15 years I’ve been working on music production, focusing on soundtracking. With a good knowledge about pop rock music, soul and R&B, I’m producing music for artists and labels too.

Attracted by “Innovation Music Technology”, in 2016 I joined to ELK (formely MIND MUSIC LABS): a Swedish company based in Stockholm involved in developement of technologies enabling a new generation of connected musical instruments and audio processors. I’m pushing SENSUS SmartGuitar (a new guitar prototype) to new limits of sound expression and musical performances, producing songs and sessions optimized for the device.

I founded and actually lead “Eufonica”, a small company involved in music production services.
I run courses and workshops about music production (composing, mixing, mastering) and sound design for MAN – Music Academies: a network of University of West of Scotland.

I’ve been holding up a solid partnership with Groove Sound Design (a mastering studio) for long time. In 2014 I joined as partner to Combo Studios, involved in audio-video production.




Groove Sound Design

Combo Studios